Sprig Box Gluten-Free Snack Box Review and Giveaway

Sprig Box Gluten-Free Snack Box Review

This month I had the opportunity to check out Sprig Box. Sprig is a monthly subscription service that provides delicious, 100% gluten-free snacks curated by people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle. The Sprig Box costs $18.97 a month + $5.99 shipping and includes 7-10 full-size servings per box. The box packaging was quite lovely, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a pretty bow. You can say hello to them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter too!

I decided to call in the big guns for this review, and enlisted the help of my gluten-free mama bestie, Melissa.

Sun Biotics Chocolate Almonds5stars

Sun Biotics Chocolate Almonds

These things said lots of stuff on the packaging that was completely foreign to me.  I don’t care whether or not the food I put in my mouth is soaked or sprouted.  In fact, it is probably an important thing but it sounds sort of creepy to me.  Regardless, these were awesome.  They had just enough cocoa powder on them to make them sweet and chocolaty, PLUS they were all yummy almond crunchy goodness.  I’m a fan.  I’d be a fan even if they weren’t “Mineral infused” and “Probiotic Enhanced”. Once I finished eating them, I wished I had more.  They were just delightful.

NudeFood Ultra Dense Breakfast Boost2stars

NudeFood Ultra Dense Breakfast Boost

This particular offering was okay.  I’m wondering if my real problem was that I used up the yogurt with something else, and substituted toast with cream cheese for the breakfast boost.  It would probably be really good on oatmeal.  Here’s the thing: it’s very powdery.  I expected something a bit more, I don’t know, granola-y.  This had a wheatgerm texture.   I didn’t mind the taste, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it.  It was just boring.

Hail Merry Grawnola Raw Nut & Fruit Blend4stars
Hail Merry Grawnola Raw Nut & Fruit Blend

Holy cats I loved this!  This is what I used the yogurt up on, and it was totally worth it.  It was crunchy, and fruity, and had just the right amount of cinnamon, nuts, and vanilla.  If happy had a flavor, it would be this granola.  I wish I had a whole box of it.  My two year old daughter shared it with me, and she was over the moon for it.  All in all, a total win.  Yum!

Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator Hazelnut Mocha Madness Energy Bar
Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator Hazelnut Mocha Madness Energy Bar

I had to to try the tiniest possible bites of this throughout the day because giving me caffeine creates a situation so appallingly dangerous that Homeland Security probably has a Defcon Protocol for it.  Before I ate it, I read the ingredients and my face got frownier and frownier.  It sounded like something you’d feed a horse.  Still, the packaging said chocolate, and I’ve found that can cover up a multitude of sins.  I was wrong.  It tasted EXACTLY like something you’d feed a rabbit or horse with a hint of chocolate.  Because I’m evil, I offered it to my poor unsuspecting husband to try.  This was the ensuing conversation:

Him, “This is awful.  It tastes like something a hippie would keep in their backpack.”

Me, “Are we talking a real hippie, or a Teva wearing hippie?”

Him, “THAT.  The second one.  I think I taste patchouli.  What IS this thing?”

I hand over the packaging which he reads through with growing alarm.

Him, “Let’s never eat this again.”

Me, “Agreed.”

Gopal's Power Wraps, Nori Wrapped Energy SticksZero Stars

Gopal’s Power Wraps, Nori Wrapped Energy Sticks

I am going to preface this by saying that I hate wasabi.  You might love it.  If you love it, you might like these.  I can’t imagine anyone EVER liking them, but hey…it’s possible.  Everything about them was bad.  They tasted the way the tangled up, dirty seaweed looks when it rolls up in the surf at the beach.  My four year old son summed it up this way:

Son, “Mommy, what is this thing that looks like a black tail.  It smells very bad.”

Me, “Those are nori sticks.  Want one?”

Son, “Um, no.  I do not.”

Well said, buddy, well said.  I don’t want one either.  Ever again.

Whale Tales Tortilla Chips with "Alaea" Hawaiian Sea Salt


Whale Tales Tortilla Chips with “Alaea” Hawaiian Sea Salt  - I give them 3 Stars, the kids gave them 4

Well the shape was certainly adorable, and my children confiscated the dish and hung over it like tiny Gollums stuffing the chips in their mouths.  I think I actually heard my son call them his precious.  I was not as impressed.  They tasted very nice and very fresh, but more or less like any tortilla chip I’ve ever had.  I’m only into tortilla chips as a conveyance to move salsa and cheese from a plate into my mouth.  They weren’t as grainy as some corn chips I’ve had, so that part was rather nice.  My guess is that if you were really into tortilla-style items these might tick your boxes.  Although, if there were more I might have smashed them up and used them as a coating for fish.  They might have excelled there due to their texture and general crunchiness.

Peeled Snacks Cherry-Go-Round  Organic Dried Cherries


Peeled Snacks Cherry-Go-Round  Organic Dried Cherries

Woohoo!  I love these.  They are tart, plump, and scrumptious, and I am eating them right now while I’m typing this.  I wish the bag was fifty percent bigger.  I know in my heart I should share them with the kids, but I also know they are both napping right now and will never know if I eat them all myself.  What to do, what to do?  I’ll have to think about that while I nosh another handful.  Delicious!


Giveaway Time!

Prize: One winner will receive a free month of Sprig Box

Location: Open to USA

Age: Must be 18 or older to enter

Date: Giveaway runs from 7/02/2013 to 7/16/2013

Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Thanks for visiting and supporting One Punky Mama. Good luck!

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  1. Brittany D. says

    These look good, I am trying to put my son on a gluten free diet do to his IBS. Gluten is suppose to be really bad for it, Considering he is 5 it’ll be a little hard, but these look delish.

    • Nicole Q. says

      I wish you/him luck with it. It’s really tough, but at least he’s at an age where you’re still making his food - so you can monitor better. Keep me in the loop how it’s going! :)

  2. PF Sweepstakes says

    These look like delicious snacks. I love dried cherries in particular. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Gigi says

    I think this was the best review overall that I’ve read, and i’m new to your blog! LOL. I love the hippie conversation. I haven’t heard of the Sprig Box, so I was glad to find out about another gluten-free subscription box. I can’t have gluten, and it’s new to me at age 40, all the help I can get…..etc. Thank you for being honest about your not caring for some of the products-I read other blogs with sub boxes for gluten free and they say “this is great”, then when I receive the same thing, it tastes like something a dirtbiker on Silver Mountain would eat(no idea what that means, but it’s the first thing that jumped into my head. Still, nowhere near as funny as the hippies and the patchouli.).

  4. Kayla Rose says

    The dried cherries sound great.. Are they closer to the consistency of a craisin or a prune?

  5. Lea R says

    I’m supposed to be on a gluten-free diet and am having a hard time finding good snacks. The chocolate covered almonds sound delicious.

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