Serial Tech Upgrader? Read This!

Serial Tech Upgrader? Read This!

I’ve said a million times to anyone who will listen how much I’m in love with my iPhone. I resisted forever, as a diehard Android user… I scoffed at the “iPhone using hippies.” I mean, I had an iPod Touch, and that was the same thing, right? Well, not so much. Carrying around my Droid AND my iPod were kind of a cumbersome combination. If I wanted to listen to music, I had to make sure it was loaded on my iPod before I left the house. I could text my iPhone using friends on the iPod, but not when I got out of range of the wireless network at home. My Droid was becoming slower and slower, and finally I bit the bullet and just went for the iPhone. Oh my gosh, best thing ever. I use my iPhone for everything - from scheduling my kids activities to setting reminders that the dog needs his heart-worm pill. While Siri can be a little useless at times, the voice to text features are (IMHO) superior to the Droid. Also, Candy Crush! Need I say more?phonesale

So the other week, one of my dear friends who is also a huge iPhone fan texted me and said she was going to get a Samsung Galaxy. When I picked my jaw off the floor and we had finished the “my cell phone can beat up your cell phone” conversation, we tried to figure out what to do with her old phone. I mean, she had an iPhone 5, which is still definitely useful to someone, if not her specifically.  I’ll admit, the idea of selling stuff on Craigslist skeeves me out a bit. I know tons of people do it, and don’t get hacked up into little pieces, but… eh. Ebay is another option, but you just never know what kind of person is going to buy your item and have a problem with it, rating you poorly or not at all.

This left us with just close to a million online options for unloading her phone. Talk about a time drain! Fortunately, after going through a few sites, I remembered a blurb on NBC back around the holidays about getting rid of your tech “junk” to make room for upgrades. One of the services they mentioned was called SellCell. You simply input your phone model, and SellCell goes through all the technology buying sites for you. Your search results include everything from the cash price the buyers are paying, to their payment turnaround time. My friend picked the highest paying buyer for her “good condition” iPhone 5, sent it off with free shipping and had money in her pocket a few days later. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, right? Right. And anything that makes life easier is perfectly fine by me. If you’re looking to sell your iPhone I definitely recommend checking them out.

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  1. says

    sounds like a great site, will definitely check it out!
    Malia recently posted…Dr. Scholls Technogel Anatomic Pillow Review

  2. Brian Reasoner says

    Thanks for the tip!
    Brian Reasoner recently posted…Up Up and Away with Dusty in Disney’s Planes

  3. Lexie Lane says

    Definitely good to know! I have a few phones that I could use this for!
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  4. Ed Joven @ Filipino Pork Recipes says

    Thank you for the tip, i was about to sell my iphone on ebay but i found your article. I will try to sell it through SellCell, hope they can offer a better price for my unit.
    Ed Joven @ Filipino Pork Recipes recently posted…Lechon Paksiw Recipe

  5. Pam says

    I have a phone I need to sell also so I am going to check this out. Thank you!
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  6. jheylo says

    Thanks for the input. I have iPhone and my hubby has droid, he wants to upgrade his to samsung
    jheylo recently posted…Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain Review

  7. Paula -Growing Up Bilingual says

    Sounds like a great option, my husband needs to upgrade his phone soon. Thanks!
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