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A Review of the Roul’Pat Workstation

Roul'Pat by Silpat

The Super Sexy Roul’Pat by Silpat

I watch a lot of cooking shows, and have always seen the chefs using Silpat baking mats. I’ve always looked at them as a somewhat pricy non-essential kitchen item. I mean, I’m good with parchment. I like the way parchment works on cookie sheets. End of thought process.

So, I like working with bread, and dough-type things (scones anyone?) and my ancient “flexible pastry mat” was nearing the end of it’s life. It didn’t do a lot anyway, besides give me a slightly bigger area to work on than a cutting board when making pie and pizza dough. It wasn’t easy to clean, and was in no way nonstick. I decided I’d start looking for a replacement before the cracks rendered it completely useless.

Enter the Roul'Pat.

I was a little skeptical initially, given my feelings on parchment paper. However, after reading the reviews I decided to splurge and hoped for the best. Quite possibly, besides my stand mixer, the best kitchen purchase I ever made.

The Roul’Pat is made by Sasa Demarle, the makers of the Silpat. The design and markings are similar, as are the size options: Half Size (11-5/8” x 16-1/2”) Full Size (16-1/2” x 24-1/2”) and Large Size (23” x 31-1/2”). It has the same silicone composition, with the addition of a non-slip backing because this isn’t designed for baking, it’s designed as a counter top “workstation.” I opted for the Full Size.

Let me tell you, the Roul’Pat is a dream! Whether I am kneading bread dough, pizza dough or pie dough, I don’t need extra flour. It doesn’t shift or roll up while I’m trying to use it. It wipes up easily and rolls compactly for storage in my drawer (I keep it rolled around one of my rolling pins). It’s just awesome.

The only thing I have to remember is not to use a bench press to portion dough, because the silicone can be damaged and the insides are fiberglass mesh. If you compromise the coating, you don’t want fiberglass in your food. Also, I’ve read online to not use any kind of oily substance as it will leave a mess (similar to not using sprays on stainless steel pans). Even with those caveats, I still highly recommend this purchase, even with the slightly more expensive price tag.

I may even send MY Roul’Pat a Christmas card this year.

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  1. angelia medlin says

    I will have to say that I have always hated rolling out dough on my current baking mat and always having to add flour so that it doesnt stick. Once the dough starts sticking you might as well forget it, the whole thing will continue to give me a hard time. I am in need of a new baking mat, maybe the one I have is old? This review gives me another option of a different type of baking mat. I will have to check it out. Thanks,

    • Nicole Q. says

      Thanks for stopping by Angelia! Let me know what you think of it if you get one. I just adore mine!

  2. md kennedy says

    My grandmother is a huge bread maker - I should get her one of these for her birthday in August!

  3. Leona Olson says

    I should take mine out of the drawer. Your review encouraged me to do so.
    Leona Olson recently posted…Tentacles: An Anthology

  4. wheezi (Jeanne Jewett) says

    Your post encouraged me to start pastry baking again. Thanks! It has been years, and if memory serves me right, I was good at it! Why do we stop doing things we love and excell at? hmmm…

  5. Lauryn R says

    This sounds like a very interesting kitchen item! I have never seen anything like it really (I use parchment paper as well) but it looks awesome! I like that it is silicone and wipes up easily! I think this may be something I need to add to my kitchen too! Thank you so much for your review!

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