Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Linkase. The Linkase by Absolute Technology is a Wi-Fi signal boosting case for the iPhone 5 that retails for $49.99. I was pretty excited, because our home was built in 1929 and we have some serious dead zones due to the brick and concrete construction. My house won’t get blown away by the big bad wolf, but it’s like the seventh circle of hell for phone reception.

The Linkcase is available in 5 colors, with interchangeable antennae or EMW (Electro Magnetic Waveguide) elements that also come in various colors.  The EMW fits into a thin track and remains flush with the rest of the case when not extended. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the extendable EMW’s separately by color, so if you want to be a fashionista and match them to your outfit, you’d have to buy one of each case to the tune of $250.

Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

What in the world is EMW? I’m glad you asked!

First, the Linkase is your typical high quality snap-on case.  It’s stiff rubber that holds the iPhone 5 securely.  It has a large cutout for the camera and flash that doesn’t degrade picture quality, unlike many cheaper cases.  There are also cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and lightning connector.  The headphone port is accessible, through the speaker cutout as well, though many aftermarket sets may not fit since they seem to have thicker connectors than Apple’s own.

Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

Without Linkase

Review: Linkase Wi-Fi Extending Case for iPhone 5

With Linkase

As a Wi-Fi signal booster, it seems to work very well.  Apple, unfortunately, has taken it upon itself to eliminate apps that would actually allow me to measure the signal, so the included Speed Test images will have to suffice.  The Linkase improved latency, upload and download speeds with the EMW extended.  It also extended the range approximately 20 feet outdoors, and picked up a strong, usable signal in some of the problem areas in our home.

All in all, it seems to be a solid product - and I would recommend it if the price was just a little lower. It does what it’s supposed to do, but I don’t know if the overall improvement is worth the retail cost. Perhaps if the price drops.

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  1. Nicole Becker says

    Why is it that the only thing that people advertise about is the iPhone 5??? So frustrating when I have a nice phone too!! Please have some more offers for the Samsung Galaxy S3!!!! Thanks

  2. md kennedy says

    Now this is a great product! People still have older WiFi routers and sometimes they just aren’t strong enough - this case would be a great help.

  3. april willard says

    Thanks for this review! I’m looking at getting an iPhone hopefully sooner than later and this really helped I think I will look for something a little better for the price!!


    thanks for the review:i need to update commications with a I-phone
    RANDY FULGHAM recently posted…

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