Apr 052013
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Living Room Paint Colors

I have a great t-shirt that reads “Procrastinators Unite, Tomorrow” which pretty much sums up a lot of what I’m all about. Whether it was elementary school (doing my homework on the bus in the morning) or in college (putting the finishing touches on a research paper at 4am) I am a definite “do it later” kind of person. I’ve never been able to truly focus on something until it’s almost too late.

Hey, some people work best under pressure!

To this end, I have still not painted my house and we have lived here for 11 years. Whoops!

Oh, don’t get me wrong - I have stripped the wallpaper off the walls, and even done some spackling. Neither of which were a good idea at the time (read: don’t start ripping apart the dining room two days before Christmas.) I have awesome intentions, I have paint colors picked out and everything. I just…haven’t done it yet. It never seems to be the right time.

Is there EVER a right time to try a painting project with 3 kids, 4 cats and a dog?

To this end, I appear to have found my motivation. I don’t want to live here anymore! I know, I know, I can’t just leave and escape painting altogether. I mean, I suppose I *could* pay someone else to do it on my way out the door. I don’t think hubby would go for that though. Unfortunately, selling a house mid-renovation probably isn’t the best idea ever.

So what I want to accomplish in my living room by May 5th:

  • Fill in nail holes (I took all the curtains & rods down a few months ago in anticipation of painting and needing new ones for the new color.. ahem.)
  • Measure the area rug and price a replacement
  • Pick out new couches (this is half done, kind of, ish)
  • Fix the annoying ceiling cracks the previous owners did a terrible job with
  • Buy trim paint
  • Buy regular paint
  • Buy painting accessories
  • Learn to paint
  • Paint!

Sounds easy enough, right? I’ll get right on that. Tomorrow.

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Nicole Q.

Nicole is an Army wife and mother of three kiddos ages 14, 10 & 8, 3 cats, and a spoiled dog. When not blogging, she is usually found in the kitchen (creating masterpieces or disasters, it's always a toss-up) or hiding in the bedroom trying to read "just one more chapter" before the kids burn the house down. She's a little bit crafty, a lot nerdy, and has huge opinions on just about everything. And no, she will not fix your computer for you. Google

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  1. I too will be ready to unite… tomorrow ;)
    Carrie @ Just Mildly Medicated
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