Mar 102013

I’ll admit, my family isn’t a huge fanbase for the poor misunderstood tortellini. Usually that means I have had a long day and will be popping open a can of pesto to pour on top, BANG - DONE. See? I have those days too. This, however, was awesome.

photo 1(2)

Spinach Tomato Tortellini

Do you see that creamy nonsense happening? That’s heavy cream in there. That plants this recipe firmly in the “not skinny jeans friendly” department. I’m sure you can lighten it up, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t taste the same. This had all my minions smacking their lips obnoxiously at the table.

You can find the recipe over here!

* Have I mentioned I’m not a “food photographer” ?  Yes, I’m pretty good with a camera, but frankly I’m too busy trying to cook to give you action shots of me pouring things in a bowl.