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March 2014 Goodebox Review

Goodebox is a members only service providing expertly curated, trial sized healthy, eco-sensitive & effective beauty and personal care products, along with occasional samples of natural & organic health and wellness products. The cost for this service is $18 a month, and the 5-6 sample products you receive are based on a member profile with your preferences. There is only a set pool of items each month, so it’s possible you will receive something you didn’t necessarily have on your list.

I was lucky enough to score THREE months of this awesome box — you can check out what I had to say about February’s Goodebox, and April will be coming soon! So without further ado, I present you with the March Goodebox review…


Celsus - Bio-Intelligent Scar Cream Review

No Star Rating

Celsus – Bio-Intelligent Scar Cream ($19.99)

The Hype: CELSUS Scar Cream significantly reduces the appearance of scars caused by surgery, stretch marks, injury, burns, acne, and aging. (Organic)

My Take:  I had knee surgery back in 2012. It wasn’t just a little surgery, it was a big 8″-long-21-staple kind of surgery. Thankfully I have a lot of knee freckles which help hide the scar. I had never used any products to help fade it, so I was happy to try this. The instructions direct use 3-5 times DAILY, for 3 or more MONTHS. Unfortunately, the packet was a whopping 1.33ml/0.04 oz which doesn’t facilitate any kind of accurate product test. I think I’ve said this before, but… I understand that companies want to put their products into the hands of people, and that’s why they participate in these subscription boxes. I get it! The issue is that some of these products (and it’s really just a small percentage) are just not suited to sample sizes. I’m going to try to contact Celsus and see if I can try a full size bottle, at which time I will report back on my findings.

Jadience - Exfoliating Scrub Review

Jadience – Exfoliating Scrub ($34.99)

The Hype: This non-irritating, deep cleansing scrub exfoliates lifeless skin as it invigorates healthy dermal cells. Your skin will be cleansed, purified and absolutely radiant. (Vegan)

My Take: I LOVE SCRUBS. Probably a little too much. One of my friends says I’m only supposed to exfoliate like once a week, which with my dry sky doesn’t work. I’m far too self conscious about the little flaky bits I get around my nose to let them go.  Especially on days when I wear foundation (which is rare, I’ll admit) I want a perfectly smooth “canvas” to work with. That being said, this is a great scrub. It’s gentle while still getting the job done. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. The scent wasn’t anything to write home about, but it also wasn’t repulsive. The grittiness was just right (not huge jagged shards, not teeny tiny ineffective beads) and my skin was soft and smooth when I was done. The only reason I have to knock a star off is because it’s a wee bit pricey.

Jadience - Hydrating Gel Mask with Green Tea Review

Jadience – Hydrating Gel Mask with Green Tea ($57)

The Hype: Green Tea, White Peony and Goji Berry are known to hydrate, nourish, and firm the skin, while stimulating cellular regeneration.   Hyaluronic Acid and active herbal ingredients immediately improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, promote new and healthy collagen, and protect skin from environmental damage.

My Take: This smells (and feels) SO good! I used this after my exfoliating session because I know too many scrubs can dry skin out, and when you naturally have dry skin it’s even a bigger problem. This mask went on smooth, not goopy. My skin was cool and tingly during the time I had it on, and my boys of course, asked what was wrong with my face and looked horrified at the rituals of women. By the time I washed it off, my skin was looking amazing from the one-two-punch of the previous exfoliation and this awesome hydrating mask. I looked less tired, which is probably a huge selling point for all of us. Again, have to knock one star off for the price – otherwise, it’s great.

Detox RX – Cell-U Firm Body Gel Review1star
Detox RX – Cell-U Firm Body Gel ($39.95)

The Hype: Smooth out the look of cellulite’s spongy “orange peel” look with this specially concentrated gel. Caffeine, Niacin, Horse Chestnut and an incredible blend of 12 potent essential oils renew skin at the cellular level for a smoother, firmer appearance. Fast-absorbing formula helps reduce fatty deposits and excess water retention on thighs, arms and midsection. (Vegan)

My Take: Is there an echo in here? Talk about slamming a girls self-esteem – I received this last month too. I’m sure it’s hard to juggle everything everyone gets, but unfortunately for Detox RX, I’m still not interested in tingly thighs. Maybe if I put all my sample sizes together I’d have enough to give it a real try? See February’s review for my thoughts on this.

Pacifica - Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara Review5stars
Pacifica – Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara ($14)

The Hype: Our amazing formula is infused with coconut oil and vitamin B to hydrate each lash as it lengthens, strengthens and adds volume.  100% vegan. Cruelty-free. Formulated without FD & C color, parabens, talc and mineral oil.

My Take: I’m not normally a mascara wearing kind of gal. Don’t hate, I just happened to be blessed with ridiculously long and thick eyelashes and the most I’ve ever slopped on them was that clear mascara we all started out with in junior high. But, not everyone is as lucky as I am (and if you’ve seen my eyebrows, you know it’s what evens the deal out, they’re… a cross I bear). Anyway — for the sake of review I wore this for a few days. I received the “Stardust brown” color – and while it didn’t add any color to my lashes, it did plump them and make them even more obvious. I didn’t have any problems with irritation of my eyes, and it generally stayed put until I used some eye makeup removing cloths to take it off at bedtime. Did anyone else notice? Well, my husband DID ask “what’s with your eyes?” and in man-speak, that means something – right ladies? The price point is good, I approve.

Pangea Organics - Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream Review

Pangea Organics – Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream ($60)

The Hype: Our eye cream contains the essential nutrients needed to protect, soften and nourish your delicate eye area as a vital component of your daily skincare routine. (Contains bee products)

My Take: I patted this on after my exfoliation and subsequent mask. Admittedly, I don’t have any lines around my eyes (yet!) but this smelled lovely and seemed to make the area around my eyes look younger. Is that even possible? Maybe it’s the whole fresh faced dewy complexion thing. It didn’t irritate my eyes, which was great, because that’s a delicate area prone to burning when junky ingredients are applied. I’m sure with daily application this would do great things for fine lines.  A little on the pricy side, but likely worth it. Also, note to self: stop squinting so I don’t need this in the future.

Pangea Organics - Lip Balm Review5stars
Pangea Organics – Lip Balm ($12)

The Hype: This Certified Organic Lip Balm features a base of deep-moisturizing organic oils that offers tremendous rejuvenating capabilities. Our Balms nourish and protect, are easy for the body to use and last an amazingly long time. (Contains bee products)

My Take: I’m lip balm crazy. My husband has always teased me about the number of lip balms I keep stashed away in my world. A handful in the bottom of my purse, some in the makeup bag I use in the bathroom, a few in the car console, and I think I even left some sprinkled around my parents house. We all know there are good lip balms and bad ones. The bad ones feel like you just applied a nasty oil slick to your lips, they cake and get goopy, and they don’t smell or taste very good. Pangea Organics lip balm is NONE of these things. The version I received was Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom, and while I admit I’m not a huge fan of lavender and thought it sounded kind of weird — it WORKS. It’s smooth and lovely and keeps your lips hydrated and happy without frequent reapplication. Win!

Apr 072014
February Goodebox Review

I’ve been out of the reviewing loop lately.  Heck, I fell out of the blogging loop for awhile with all this house stuff going on, but I’m back into my groove and I’m really excited to share this latest review with everyone! I was lucky enough to receive not one, not two, but THREE months of this awesome subscription box, so stay tuned for March and April in separate posts. Goodebox is a members only service providing expertly curated, trial sized healthy, eco-sensitive & effective beauty and personal care products, [...]

Apr 042014
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Sometimes you want to invite company over. You want a swanky dinner, complete with appetizers and flaming desserts. This is not the recipe for that time. This is a cheesy noodle casserole. It’s not glamorous. It’s not very photogenic. But it will make you say “mmmm” and ask for another scoop. This recipe was born out of the end of the week/month scrambling that happens when you realize you have more days than you thought until payday, and not enough to make for dinner. It’s also good for when you’re [...]

Apr 032014
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Apr 012014
Earth Day Every Day Giveaway

Welcome to the Earth Day Every Day Event! Hosted by: Gloriously Green Gal & Savory Savings Co-Hosted by: Driftwood Gardens, Dividing by Zero, Joy Makin’ Mamas, Go Natural Giveways Sponsored by: Glass Dharma, Moody Sisters, GAIAM, Jimmy Towel, BioBag, Ever Bamboo, Big Lather, Groovy Globe and Think I Am Too often we only focus on being green or environmentally friendly when it is convenient or when the microscope is on us, like during Earth Day.  So Krista from Savory Savings & Gloriously Green Gal wanted to challenge you to make [...]

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Mar 302014
30 Day Healthy Habit Challenge (with printable!)

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Mar 202014
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Well, it’s been a process. An extremely long process, but one that is finally coming to fruition. FINALLY, this week — our house went on the market. It ended up taking SIX long months to get the updates and repairs we needed completed. Between waiting eight weeks for replacement windows in the dining room, a failed attempt at ceiling tiles, learning to paint (no, that’s it, just learning to paint – my previous experience was zero) and countless trips to our overpriced storage unit… we’re ready. The realtor has been [...]

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